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    Consignment Hours:   Consignments are accepted Monday through Saturday, 10:00 to 12:30 by appointment only.   Please call at 9:00 to make your same-day appointment.  We will let you know which items we are overstocked on and not taking on consignment that day.  There is a limit of 3 appointments per week.
    Consignment Fee:   $20 per year, payable at the first consignment


    Consignment Period:   30 days


    Percentage:  The consignor will receive 50% of the consigned price  There will be a price difference between the inventory sheet and the price tag that reflects a handling fee.

    Rules:   All clothing must be clean, seasonal and in good condition.   We will not accept items   that are wrinkled, stained, out of style or season or damaged in any way (i.e. missing buttons, broken zippers, ripped, etc.).   Electrical and mechanical items must be in working order with batteries or light bulbs included.   Shoes must be new or like new.   Before an item is accepted, it will be inspected.   We reserve the right to reject items which have been found to be defective after closer examination.   Such items will be posted as non-consignable on the consignor’s account and held for the duration of the consignment period.   We will contact the consignor advising him/her that the item has been pulled from the sales floor.   It is the consignor’s responsibility to reclaim non-consignable items.


    16 items may be consigned per appointment.   There must be an assortment, so we will only accept 1 item per category.   Up to 4 pieces of jewelry may be included in the 16 items.


    Items must be able to sell at a minimum of $5.00.


    All items must be marked with masking tape with the consignor’s account number and the date the item is consigned.   This must be done prior to your arrival  at the consignment line (with the exception of first time consignors).   You may NOT use our masking tape.   Treasure Trove is operated on a “bare bones” budget and we strive to keep our overhead costs to a minimum.


    As you are waiting in the consignment line, hang your clothes on our hangers.   You may not enter the consignment area until your name is called.   You may not put our tickets on your items or place your items in the shopping area.   After consigning, all bags, boxes and non-consigned item must be removed from the shop.   Please do not carry them around with you while you shop.   The volunteer assisting you will have the final word on what will or will not be consigned.  


    Out of season items will NOT be accepted for consignment but may be donated at any time.  


    Payment:   Consignors will be paid by the 5th of the month for good sold the previous month providing your balance is at least $10.   Checks may be picked up at the shop or mailed if the consignor provides a self-addressed stamped envelope.   Checks not picked up after six months from the date of issue will be voided and become a donation to  INOVA Fairfax Hospital.  

    Reclaim Procedure:   Treasure Trove will keep items on consignment for 30 days.   Items not sold within the 30 days may be reclaimed if the item is priced at $10 or more.  Unclaimed items become the property of the shop.   Bring your inventory list and a volunteer will check your account on the computer.   We are unable to reprint inventory lists.   It is the responsibility of the consignor to locate his/her merchandise to be reclaimed.   Items must be brought to a volunteer in the consignment area and the volunteer will remove the tags.   Please keep track of the pickup dates as no reminder phone calls will be made.   If your pickup date falls on a Sunday or holiday, items must be reclaimed prior to that day.   Please do not carry bags or boxes around with you as you reclaim or shop.  


    Management reserves the right to hold 2 predetermined special sales events per year.  any consigned merchandise in stock are subject to these sales. 
    Consignors may not sell their merchandise directly to another individual either in the store or its vicinity thereby bypassing the Treasure Trove.  Such transactions elinimate funds that would have gone to IFH. 


    INOVA Fairfax Hospital/INOVA Fairfax Hospital Auxiliary has the right to terminate or deny the consignor status at any time for any reason.



    These are items that are NEVER ACCEPTED for consignment:

    Aquariums                                                Mattresses/ box springs, bed frames

    Appliances/ sinks                                     Microwave ovens             

    Bowling Balls                                            Neckties

    Bikes/ scooters/ skateboards                 Paint

    Blinds/ window shades/ curtain rods      Plants (live)    

    Body Suits/ swimsuits/ lingerie               Records/cassettes/videos/CDs      

    Baby bath tubs                                           Remodeling rejects    

    Car seats                                                  Rollerblades/ skates

    Cash registers                                           Rugs 5’x7’ or larger

    Ceiling lights/ fans/ chandeliers                Sleeping bags   

    Computers/ monitors/ printers                Socks/ stockings   

    Copy / fax machines                                 Sports equipment/ accessories   

    Cosmetics                                         Strollers/ baby carriages                                  

    Cribs                                                        Telephones/ answering machines

    Crutches/ braces/walkers/wheel chairs  Televisions, Stereos, Speakers

    Cups/glasses (complete sets ok)          Tires/ wheels/hubcaps/auto parts

    Cutting boards                                           Trophies (antique accepted)

    Diaper pails                                               Typewriters

    Electric shavers/toothbrushes                 Toilet seats/ potty chairs

    Food                                                          Used Candles           

    Foot Massagers                                        Vaporizers                             

    Heating pads/ sunlamps                          Water bottles

    Helmets                                                      Weapons

    Humidifiers/ de-humidifiers                    Wigs


     updated 12/30/11


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